Year 2000 Fall Sailing
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Tom Guerrant chats it up with Wayne Hammett and his wife Jean during the calm before the storm...race that is. Watch for Tom in this series. He gets a lot of vis. Is that guy talking with Ron wearing street shoes or what?
Tom Guerrant leads the pack as usual. I believe that is Chip in red.
The J Boats versus the Hunter. And the winner is...
Darned if Tom G didn't sneak into this Lightning shot too!
Wayne Ingersoll is hot on the trail of Ron Wright.
Hey, who is the guy striking the pose on Larry's boat as Peter streaks by?
Darned if Tom G didn't sneak in again. That's him a half mile ahead and at the mark already !
Peter and Joe. Do they look like they won or what? Grin while you can guys.
Our Lightning Fleet trophy winner: Ron Wright
Our Blue Fleet trophy winner Scott Davis with new spinnaker and Bill Wiggins acting as boom vang
This would be Richard if you could see him (in his new Canadian)
Blue Fleet, Lightnings and Red Fleet -- hey where is Tom G?
Early morning mist
before the winds are lifting
idle as she goes
waiting for what blows
yet straining against line
blue water
bluer skies
somewhere, sometime
when yon sails unfurl
white, glistening
pulling to the horizon
strumming the heart strings
with silent music

by Larry J
With class jib only yet keeping pace with us all: Tom Martin in his "new" 22
Red Fleet trophy winner: Larry Jordan
Its Tom G (again!) looking for J blood. Bill Davis has the right idea...keep your head down when on run.
Its J and its red, but it ain't blood brother. Is that Richard out in the lead with that new Canadian..what is that boat anyway? Hey, who is on the starboard -- well Tom G of course.
Have you ever seen a more charming crew than Don? The flag makes him look real patriotic doesn't it?
Yes, its Tom G again, but this time he is casting a different kind of shadow. Watch your tail in the Winter Series Tom !
Peter says his new spinnaker matches his country flag. I don't see any blue. Opps he just passed me!
Charles Wood trying to round the mark as Ron Wright takes it with him. It gets tougher to make these marks with each new race. At least no power boater tried to steal them this day!
And there's Tom G again...and Wayne Hammett. Are they on the same race course? Maybe its a wind shift.
And there's Richard Johnson again...well he was there a second ago. Man, I have to work on my timing with this thing. Hey Peter, ya seeing red yet?
Yes Peter, I had a red spinnaker too. Watch for it in the future.
The End