2002 Summer Series
Above: 'Crash & Burn (Mark and Natalie) after a near miss with Bill & Angie at 10 knots.
Right: Dick & Wayne preparing for Battle.
Left: "Slow down, Bill! I can't focus that fast!"
Right: The lightnings look like Maxi's next to Tom's Sunfish. Um, Wayne, is that you on your side?
Larry Jordan has Splaash clean and ready to go to Oriental for the Inter-Club Regatta.
John Holmes is getting his game face on as the crews prepare for 22-24 knot winds and 4-ft seas in Pamlico Sound. It will be a blow-out day for many!
Tom Martin does not need a game face...he says 24 knot winds and 4-ft seas are nothing in a J/22 after doing them in a Lightning at Charleston. He later changed his mind as he saw two masts broken while we surfed and planed our way downwind at speeds over 9 knots!