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Winter Series 2001-2002
Jefff Crenshaw and his crew get his J/22 ready for the first race of the series...with the bottom done, they do some cosmetic work. Looking good Jeff!
And the series is off to a bang...with no wind in sight. David Davis and brother Scott relax as they drift foward...SLOWLY!
Tom Martin and Tom Guerrant pickup a tow back home when the race is called for no wind. Better luck next time.
Tripp Ingle peers out into the wild blue...while Jeff Crenshaw and Wayne Ingersoll get ready.
Tom Smiley and John Holmes pause for a little pose...good stance guys!
Charles Wood tours the dock to see that all are ready. We definitely have a variety of boats on that dock.
Congrats Mark on the PHRF trophy for the fall series. Jack, what are you grinning at?
And Ron gets a well-deserved Lightning trophy for the fall series.
Jeff Crenshaw, that J is looking better than I ever saw it look before. It must be the clean bottom.
Jordan's crew look on as the pack heads for the starting line. Scott Kuhlkin is in the cat bird seat.
David Davis means business a he heads for the line. Great performance today guys.
Tom, you turkey, you sneaked past as we were shotting the pictures!
Mark, we got a lot of shots of you today. That new 170 looks great.
And another view of Mark with the new kevlar from Select Yachts.
And the final shot of Mark as he crosses the finish line. Can you make that Doyle sail patch any bigger?
So you J guys thought you had a tough day. Look at Leonard Little hike on this haul.
Charles, we didn't mean anything when we left your boat off the list for the day. It was a carryover from the fall.
Jeff Crenshaw and Greg Tew duel it out at the finish.
And Jeff sweeps across the line in fine form. I thought that boat was called Chocalate Chip or something.
Great race Greg. Maybe we can get you some crew next time to reduce the challenge a touch. It was an exciting day.
and this is winter sailing at its best...the crew will arrive in about an hour to discover the work they have to do to get the snow off!!
It was a gray January day but the spinnakers added color. Mark Cloer single hands with delight.
Tom Martin, Jack Young and Ron Wright are doing some close reaching with the red and white.
Looks like a major difference in wind between Tom Smiley and Peter Krenn. Great colors Tom!
David, Scott and Bill Davis are doing some reaching in 441.
Now this is a contest worth watching...to see who can drift past the starting line first!