The Fullers in the Fall Fog
Rowing, Fall 1999
The Champions !!
John Zinkievich Pulling Hard
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Rowing into the Fall
Good thing they gave those guys a will not last long !
Lou Acampora pulls away from the usual.
He is going...going...gone!
They are really smoking this one !
Gliding silently as water fowl towards the distant shore
Early Morning on Lake Wylie

As darkness lifts its veil
allowing in some blue
morning light
moving twinkles from the sky
to the early dew
fog drifts on the water
wiffs and fuffs
weaving a gray blanket
of cool damp lava
flowing slowly
towards open channels

The chirps of early birds
keeping time
to the silent dips
as oars break the smoothness
of water yet rippled
by wind or bow of boat
moving the likeness of man
quickly throuh the wiffs and puffs
for fleeting moments
as shell and man move away