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Rebuilding the Pontoon Boat in 2001
This project started during the workday on October 6th.
Scott Davis runs the motor that actually pulls the pontoon up the rail.

Bill Wiggins and Dan Thompson are really into pontoon boat demolition.
Tom Martin and Yates Smith struggle to pull her up the rail..she is like a beached whale!
While Tom and Tom struggle to make head or tails of the motor.
Bill, Tom and Tom really get into their work as the last pieces of the old pontoon floor is pulled off.
Dan has the right idea...get as far as possible from those other guys with tools.
The team of John Holmes, Bob Boyd, Tom Guerrant and Larry Jordan got the new carpet installed and covered with plastic just before the rains came. So Tom, who was the glopper and who was the roller?
Larry Jordan getting the pontoon boat's roof frame ready for the new PVC roofing material.
Not pictured are Larry Jordan and his team of Tom Martin, Bill Davis, Scott Davis, David Davis and Wayne Ingersoll removing the roof, toilet and kitchen during the fall workday -- fun work in the rain let me tell you.
The new PVC roof comes together...and gets a little sun before going up.
Is this baby an aircraft carrier or what?
Neil Harley, Dan Thompson and Tom Martin get the deck ready for the re-installation of the rails.
And the rails are up!
Well the rails are almost up...just a few more bolts to add. Hey Neil, you are suppose to strike the hull with a bottle of bubbly when it is done -- not kiss the railing!
Hey, who is that masked man carrying a fuel tank...and where does it fit...hummmm...must go in here somewhere...after dark has set in! Are these guys dedicated or what. It is so dark you can hardly see where the bolts go and Tom and Dan are still going at it.
And in the light of day...it looks like a real pontoon boat...almost. The rails are just sitting in place. There must be 50 bolts that have to be installed to hold them down.
Take one last look at this baby; we will be replacing it with a new, quiet, efficient 90 HP Honda Four.
After another half day of adding bolts to hold her together, Larry Jordan has her ready for Tom and Wayne to roll into the water...will she float?
Of course she floats...did you have any doubts? Wayne may have had a few. He is holding fast to that post! Marathoner Tom could not miss this opporunity to show some abs.
And she is ready to go to New Hope Marine for that new Honda Four and a nice console. The ladies will love the new quiet ride. We may have to reserve this thing in advance for sailing races. Say, what happened to those nice new seats? You guys change your mind again?
Larry Jordan is bound and determined to get the new roof ready before the boat gets back. He was assisted by Marion Zinkievich in getting that contraption up on stilts and in chosing the panel configuration. By the way, Marion says the gray and red have to go. Hey, are you really cutting aluminum with that skill saw! Fat chance you can use that blade again.

Jack Young and Larry get the final wiring done for the roof lights, horn and, yes, stereo speakers (future!).
What is this...a white elephant...or a white snake. Bill Wiggins and Larry have their hands full of new rub rail.
Jordan Wiggins is supervising the work of Jack Young.
And Tom just has to get behind the wheel. Great shorts Jack!
And the mad scramble just before the new roof is to come over...making sure all of the bolts are ready because of the high winds coming from the south.
And the new roof magically appears next to the pontoon boat. It must have been Jordan Wiggins who swoshed that sucker over. Say Bill, was it the horse or is that your action pose?
Well Bill, you have a myriad of poses. Is that Larry one-handing the roof forward while Tom hurdles the rail. What a team...even Jordan Wiggins is with the dynamics of this action.
Now the team takes a moment to survey the progress. Larry takes advantage of the break to do a little hula hoop.
Break's over. The top continues its trek back towards the stern. Does that thing look like it was the original design or what?
Marion Zinkievich gets the team to pause for one last shot before she shows you the whole boat. Have you noticed that Bill has yet to shed those sunglasses. What a cool guy. Jack Young takes the grin prize in this shot. Great work Marion. Thanks!
And here she is in all her glory. Doesn't that new Honda Four 90 look like a natural on the stern? We ought to get years of good service out of her. The old pontoon boat now has a face lift and a new thumper. What next for the "pontoon team?" Tomorrow the furniture goes in and she goes into the water. It has been a busy 18 days since we started this work. I don't think we have wasted a single piece of gear that we could salvage from the original boat. We may have a few odd screws and bolts left.
We recruited help so hard that we got non-members out to work on the boat. Jeff Crenshaw, one of our J/22 racers, came out to lend a hand. Give that guy a membership application.
Nothing matched the talent of Dan Thompson when it came to wiring. He is figuring out how to get the fuel tank level gauge to work. John, we may be able to get rid of the dipstick level measure.
I will bet that Bill Wiggins does not volunteer for this duty at home -- vacuming the floor!
Dan was so fast the camera could not keep up!
John Zinkievich is doing a final inspection of the cleats to be sure we have rebuilt a trustworthy craft. Not shown is John cleaning the pontoons so we can do some fast cruising after we break her in.
T minus 10 minutes and counting. Tom has a commitment at home but he just has time to do the final walkthru before we launch. Susan, you should be impressed. He did not even stay around for the first voyage.
She passes the first test -- she floats! Tom has her weighted down in the corner just in case.
Tom gives Dan the standard set of instruction for the maiden voyage...don't break anything...and for gosh sakes, don't let Jordan let her get above 2,000 RPM until she breaks in. Doesn't Dan look like he is ready for the event?
And the team lets Larry have a go at the controls. She starts right up with no effort. Why does eveyone seem surprised?
And Larry, Dan and Bill take her out for a spin...a verrry slow spin at trolling speed. Tom, you should have been there. We had to check to see if the engine was running it was so quiet. You will now hear all of the other noises on the boat...like railing rattle. Oh well, it is a tough life.
As we ride off into the sunset on this first voyage of many to come, we contemplate the efforts it took to get to this moment. We had a lot of help and a lot of expertise applied in a very short run at this project. It feels good to be finished, but I think we will miss the fun we had pulling it together. Guys, should we go buy a fixeruper so we can do this again. Nah!
Thanks to John and Marion Zinkievich for taking picutes for us. You helped us capture some great moments. Thanks to Bill Wiggins for getting us all of "the right stuff" from West Marine. And thanks to Brent Holman at New Hope Marine for giving us a good deal on the Honda Four and for the fast turnaround of installation.
The following is the full team of folks who made this project a success; thank you one and all -- we could not have done it without you:

Larry Jordan and Tom Martin as project managers
Bob Boyd
Jeff Crenshaw
Bill Davis
David Davis
Scott Davis
Harry Ingle
Tom Guerrant
Wayne Hammet
Neil Harley
John Holmes
Wayne Ingersoll
Tom Smiley
Yates Smith
Dan Thompson
Bill and Jordan Wiggins
Jack Young
John and Marion Zinkievich