R/C Sailing at CYC

Scott and Bill Davis resurrected R/C Sailing at CYC with the R/C Sailing Series that started on March 17, 2002. Racing in the series were Scott and David as well as Harry Ingle and Larry Jordan. Jack Young was pinch hitting for Harry when his cigar got lonely.

Take a tour below of this series kickoff. Enjoy!
Let the races begin! The skippers are intense as the clock ticks down for the start.
And the boats jockey for position on the line. David Davis' Soling in the forground and Larry Jordan's Soling in the background.
David is vying for the best start position with Harry close on his stern as Larry sneaks up from the rear.
The wind picks up nicely and Scott accelerates with his Il Moro Americas Cup boat.
And Harry glides along in a light breaze...I almost expect the crew to wave as he passes. Elegant boat Harry.
Larry trims up for a close haul with Harry close on his tail...it will be a tight finish.
And the skippers are out of their seats for the final push to the finish line...no smiles on these intense faces!
And they line up for the finish line after a long and grueling race around the cove...making history with CYC's first R/C race under the belt.
And Bill Wiggins flashes over the finish line in first place. Hey, are those real battens Bill? Cool.
Rounding the leeward mark...or is it the windward mark!
Hey, one of these guys appears to be a show off.