Sailing Program

The Catawba Yacht Club has the most active club racing program in the Charlotte area.  We run four club series every year.  The fall, winter, and spring series consist of bi-monthly racing on scheduled Saturdays or Sundays.  The summer series includes weekly races on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  On any given race day, sailors will find active one design and portsmouth class racing at CYC.

Current active one-design fleets include the MC Scow and Ensign.  There is also an active Portsmouth Fleet.

While CYC is a private club, we heartily welcome non-member racers.  Any sailor interested in participating in racing at CYC should contact one of our fleet captains for additional information on how to get started.

The CYC MC Scow class maintains an active fleet page with additional information on this exciting one design class.  To visit the fleet site, click here:  MCSCOW

For general questions about the sailing program, e-mail the fleet captains:

CYC Sailing Fleet Captain:  Ron Wright
Dinghy Fleet Captain: Ron Wright
Portsmouth Fleet Captain:  Phil Keenan

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